Wallet Management

Our apps offer a comprehensive wallet management system, allowing users to handle multiple wallets efficiently. Key functionalities include the ability to plug and unplug wallets, enabling seamless switching between different wallets using passphrases or mnemonics.

Plug/Unplug Feature

Our apps now include a plug/unplug wallet function, allowing users to switch between multiple wallets seamlessly. This feature supports multiple wallet states, with one wallet active (plugged) and others inactive (unplugged).

The unplugged wallet gives the option to switch to that wallet.

Switching Between Wallets

To switch between wallets, Go to the wallet management section and Select the option to switch wallets.

Enter the passphrase or mnemonic associated with the desired wallet.

Verify the action to switch to the new wallet. The selected wallet becomes the active (plugged) wallet.

Delete Wallet

Our apps now allow users to delete wallets that are no longer needed. This feature ensures that users can securely remove unwanted wallets from their accounts.

To delete a wallet, Navigate to the wallet management section and identify the wallet you wish to delete from the list of available wallets. Click on the "Delete" button associated with the selected wallet.

A confirmation prompt will appear, asking you to verify the deletion. Enter any required credentials (e.g., passphrase or mnemonic) to authorize the deletion. The wallet will be removed from your account.

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