Restricted Blobbers

Restricted blobbers provide private storage solutions that are visible only to authorized users. This feature is particularly useful for enterprise users needing controlled access to storage resources. Only whitelisted IDs will be able to see and interact with the restricted blobber.

Steps to Whitelist Your Wallet ID:

  • Go to the 'Chimney' Dashboard and access the 'Manage Blobbers' section. Ensure that you have authorized restricted access to the blobber by going to the 'Update Settings' under the three dots.

  • Select 'Yes' on 'Authorize restricted access to this blobber' and click 'Update Blobber Details'.

  • Now to add a client, Go to the 'Chimney' Dashboard again and access the 'Manage Blobbers' section. Click on the three dots under 'more' column for the blobber you wish to restrict access to and select 'Add Client'.

  • A window will appear where you must input the client ID (Wallet Address). After entering the ID, click 'Add'.

  • Once your wallet ID is whitelisted, go to any Zus platform, i.e. Blimp, Vult, and try adding a blobber. You will be shown the screen where you can toggle the 'Show Restricted Blobber Only' option to view the blobbers you have access to and match your allocation terms. Note that the "Brand" of the blobber will also be effective in the case of restricted blobbers. Then add the blobbers you want.

  • When you select the "Add" option, you will be prompted to enter an authorization key. This key is required to access restricted blobbers.

  • Once you provide the authorization key, a popup will appear prompting you to pay the fee using your existing ZCN balance. If your balance is insufficient, you will have the option to 'Get ZCN' to purchase ZCN tokens directly from your MetaMask wallet.

Additional Requirements: Ensure that the blobber's write price range meets the allocation terms to be eligible for addition to your selected blobbers. This ensures that the blobber's cost aligns with your budget and usage requirements.

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