Zwallet CLI

ZWallet is a Go-based command line interface (CLI) tool used for transferring tokens between 0Chain services and Wallet. Built using 0Chain GoSDK, the Zwallet CLI tool provides an interactive way to use your ZCN tokens for 0Chain blockchain, storage, and smart contracts.
ZWallet is bundled with lots of of features built to enhance your 0Chain service experience. With ZWallet, users can have full control over their funds and receive, send, store and exchange ZCN between various wallets.
ZWallet CLI also supports seamless interaction with other 0Chain services and provides self-explaining commands to manage ZCN tokens, and fetch information about 0Chain components(miners, sharders, and blobbers).


Safe & Secure

ZWallet is designed with the absolute necessity of user security. The funds are kept safe with encrypted private keys and none of the personal data is collected or stored.


ZWallet is a decentralized wallet which ultimately means you have complete freedom over private keys and funds. More importantly, no one has access to your crypto even 0Chain cannot even see how much tokens you have stored with them.

No Downtimes

ZWallet uses 0chain decentralized cloud which provides a fast and easily scalable blockchain for the different type of applications.

Multisig Wallet Management

ZWallet supports splitting of permissions to spend tokens between several wallets. A wallet is automatically created if no wallet is present.

Free to use

ZWallet is completely free and do not require any download fees. You are only obliged to pay the minimal blockchain network transaction charges and similar fees.


ZWallet supports the staking of ZCN tokens to earn hassle free rewards. Staking holds funds in ZWallet to support the security and operations of a 0chain network.