Dashboard Overview

This page provides overview of Atlus Explorer Home Page
Here is a screenshot of the homepage of Atlus explorer dashboard :
The navigation bar at top of the homepage is highlighted with black box in screenshot below:
In the navigation bar the following redirections are specified:
The search bar of the Atlus Explorer helps in searching any Züs network transaction details based on block, allocation id, block, round number, transaction hash, block hash. See screenshot below for reference:
For instructions on how to search specific details related to any transaction check here.

Network Toggle

Atlus explorer shows network details for a particular network.To change a network click on toggle button to the right of Atlus Explorer Search bar . The networktoggle box is highlighted in black box in the screenshot below:

How to change a network for Atlus Dashboard

1. Click on network toggle button in the network details box.The toggle button is highlighted in blackbox in the screenshot below.
  1. 2.
    Select the desired network and click Confirm.

Network Stats

On the home page of Atlus Explorer few important Züs network stats are mentioned:
Total Staked Storage: Amount of storage staked in exchange for ZCN. Storage Cost: Cost of storing files on Züs storage network(in $/TB/year) Current ZCN Price: Current Price of ZCN Token(in USD). Total Value Locked: Amount of total ZCN tokens locked.


Price of ZCN tokens in respect to USD shown for various time intervals shown at Atlus Explorer Dashboard.

Top Blobbers

As you scroll down on the atlus explorer dashboard page it will list the top blobbers that are providing storage services on the Züs Cloud Network .
Top Blobbers