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Manage Allocations

This section encompass various actions for managing Blimp allocations, ranging from adjusting size and duration to modifying blobbers and controlling the type of interactions allowed, as well as the ability to freeze or cancel allocations as needed.
    • This task involves increasing the size of a Blimp allocation, allowing it to handle more data or resources.
    • In this task, the duration of a Blimp allocation is prolonged, enabling it to remain active for a longer period.
    • This action involves incorporating a new blobber, which is a storage component, into the Blimp allocation, potentially expanding storage capacity or redundancy.
    • This task focuses on substituting an existing blobber with a new one within the Blimp allocation, possibly for performance improvement or maintenance reasons.
    • This setting restricts the Blimp allocation to only allow reads and file uploads
    • Freezing an allocation involves suspending any changes or modifications to it, effectively locking it in its current state.
    • Cancelling an allocation entails terminating it prematurely, ending any associated resources or activities.