The wallet section in settings pane of the app provides important information related to wallet. Here is an overview of what we can view in the wallet section :
Wallet Settings

Transaction Fee

Transaction Fee is auto-managed by the network but you can still toggle fees in terms of levels(low,average,high) or completely disable network fee via toggle.
Transaction Fee

Faucet Tokens

Tokens can be added to your wallet through the Faucet smart contract.To faucet tokens enter the Faucet Tokens Amount and click Faucet.
Faucet Token

Change Wallet

Wallet can be switched based on wallet mnemonic phrase or based on saved wallet on the cloud.

Change Wallet Name

Wallet name can be changed by providing secret mnemonic phrase created during account creation. After providing the phrase provide the new wallet name and click Update Name
Update Name

Wallet Address

To view your wallet address click on Wallet Address.
Wallet Address

Public Key

Your wallet public key is used to encrypt your data before it is uploaded to the network. It is safe to share with anyone.
Wallet Public Key

Private Key

Your wallet private key should be kept private, secure and under your control.
Wallet Private Key

Save to Cloud

Your wallet can be saved to cloud based on a passphrase that encrypts your secret 24-word mnemonic phrase.
Save Wallet to Cloud