Wallet Dashboard

This page provides an overview of all the functionalities of bolt wallet dashboard

Generic View


Available Balance : The total amount of ZCN token available to use. Total Balance : Available Balance + Staked Token Balance
Claimable Stake Rewards : Total Amount of claimable ZCN tokens earned via staking
Recent Transactions : Contains list of wallet transactions.
Sample Screenshot :


The dashboard has the following sections to explore :
Stake: This section provides functionality related to blobber staking. Check Staking for more information
Activity: This section provides notifications of all the Bolt app activities.
Buy ZCN: This section provides functionality related to buying ZCN. Check Buy ZCN for more information.
Sell ZCN: This section provides functionality related to selling ZCN. Check Sell ZCN for more information.
Settings: This section contains settings to manage the user account and network configuration. Check Settings for more information.
Send: Send ZCN tokens to another wallet address.
Receive: Receive ZCN tokens.
the dashboard has the following properties :
Staking Rewards Chart : Status of Stake rewards by duration.
App profile on the upper right.
Any app recent activity.
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