Easily provision and monitor blobbers using Chimney
Chimney facilitates provisioning of blobbers on Züs network. Service providers can start earning ZCN by deploying blobbers on their own or rented servers and easily earn passive income. Blobber
A blobber is a storage provider on the Züs network. They are decentralized servers all over the world that connect to Züs network for providing our users with the storage they need.


Services Provisioned

Blobber: The blobber will be deployed on docker containers. All the blobber configuration and the blobber data will be stored in /var/0chain/blobber folder. If there is an additional harddisk, make sure that that harddisk is mounted to /var/0chain/blobber folder.
Validator: The validator will be deployed in docker containers.
Caddy Server: Based on the domain name that you provide, an SSL Certificate will be provisioned.
Monitoring/Grafana: Used for monitoring the blobber and the validator where you could also fetch the logs.

Staking your Storage

In the context of blobbers, stake is a way of putting the storage in exchange for ZCN Rewards.