Configuring the tool

Configuration for the Züs network by default is stored in network/config.yaml file of the zbox github repo which we will copy to a new config.yaml file in our local system .

  1. Make a new .zcn folder in the home directory of your system

mkdir $HOME/.zcn

Note: For windows create a folder named .zcn at `C:\Users\<windows_username>`path. 2. Copy config.yaml from zboxcli repo to .zcn directory

cp network/config.yaml $HOME/.zcn/config.yaml
  1. Open the config.yaml file located at $HOME/.zcn path of your system.The contents should be similar to the file below.

signature_scheme: bls0chain
min_submit: 50
min_confirmation: 50
confirmation_chain_length: 3
max_txn_query: 5
query_sleep_time: 5
# # OPTIONAL - Uncomment to use/ Add more if you want
# preferred_blobbers:
#   -
#   -
#   -

TODO: Add documentation for the fields in the config.yaml file.

Zbox connects to the Züs network using the block_worker field. These network details are automatically fetched from the blockWorker's network API. Preferred Blobbers are also present which you can uncomment for using specified storage providers for handling your files.

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