Zboxcore SDK

Functions to manage your allocations

Please Note: This SDK is subject to tremendous changes in the next releases that can be backward incompatible. Please pay close attention to our announcements on Discord.

This page is filled up progressively, so it's not yet complete.

Initialize SDK

Initialize the sdk with the information about the client wallet and other configuration.

Allocation Operations

These are the functions that you can use to Create/Update/Cancel an allocation, also to create a free allocation.

Create an new allocation for the current client using the SDK (using InitStorageSDK) provided its options (see here for more info on Allocations).

Create a new allocation provided its options and its owner id.

Cancel an existing allocation using its ID. This is necessary for deallocating resources that are no longer required, thus helping in optimizing the overall system efficiency.

Create a free storage allocation on the blockchain, providing a zero-cost way to try out the system's capabilities.

Update the settings of the allocation, including:

  • Adding new blobber and removing existing one.

  • Extending capacity.

  • Transferring ownership to another client.

  • Changing file permission options.

Finalize an expired allocation from either its owner of one of its blobbers, given its id.

Cancel an allocation even before its expiry time, given its id. This involves an incurred cancelation charge on the owner's wallet as mentioned in the Allocation documentation page.

File Sharing

These are the functions that you can use to generate your AuthTicket used for file sharing (see here for more info on File Sharing).

You can use this function to generate the AuthTicket you need for sharing, both public and private, based on the parameters. Click on the function to check its full reference.

You can use this function to revoke access over a shared file, either publicly or privately for a specific user. Click on the function to check its full reference.

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