Network Charts

Charts showing change in network-related metrics of the system

These are the charts/graphs showing the change of metrics related to the status and progress of the Züs Blockchain Network, like the number of transactions, blocks and the average transaction fees.


This graph shows the growth of the number of transaction over time. Transactions are the building unit of the blocks of the Züs Blockchain.

Total Allocations

This graph shows the growth of the number of allocations created by the users of the Züs system over time.

Network-wide Quality Score

This graph shows the growth of the overall Quality Of Service (QoS) metric of the blobber, known as the Quality Score, which is the percentage of the passed challenges by all the blobbers from all the challenges generated for all the blobbers of the system.

Unique Addresses

This graph shows the growth of the number of addresses appeared in all the transactions of the system with time. These addresses can be user wallets' addresses, providers wallets' addresses or smart contract addresses. This gives an indicator of the number of users who have used the system.

Block Count Chart

This graph shows the growth of the number of blocks added to the blockchain over the time.

Daily Avg Transaction Fee

This graph shows the change in the average transaction fees daily. This is calculated based on the transactions executed in that day. Transaction Fees (or Gas Fees) are a common term in the blockchain terminology, which expresses a deducted amount from the wallet of the issuer of the transaction, in order to compensate the computational work done by the network to execute the transaction.

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