Validator Details Page

A page showing the details of a Validator

You can access this page by one of the following:

  • Clicking on any clickable Validator ID, like in the From/To field of the transactions table in the Blockchain page, if it represents the operational wallet of a Validator.

  • Using the URL:<validator_id>

This page views the details of a Validator, given its Provider ID, which is also considered the address of the Operational Wallet of this Validator, which is the wallet the validator uses to send/receive its transactions to the network.

This page has the following sections

Validator Operational Wallet Details page

This section is the same as the Wallet Details section of the Wallet Details Page, it shows the details of the operational wallet of the validator in JSON format, with an overview of the most important information.

Transactions List

This sections shows the transactions this validator sent/received to the system. It's shows the same information of the transaction as in the Transactions table of the Blockchain page.

As in the Miner Details Page, you can use the filtration list in the the upper right corner of this section to filter the transactions by their type.

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