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System-wide Numbers

Network Capacity

This is the sum of Staked Storage for all blobbers. Staked Storage for blobbers is discussed in the Key Definitions page of the Storage Protocol, but in summary, Staked Storage of a blobber is calculate as Blobber's Total Staked Tokens by Blobber's Write Price and this number is a total of Staked Storage for all the Blobbers.

Storage Cost

This is the Weighted Average Write Price for all the Effective Blobbers - the Blobbers which can actually host users' allocations. The weight of contribution of a blobbers to this number depends on the Staked Storage of a blobber. So this number is calculated as:

StorageCost=βˆ‘bblobbersStakedStoragebStakedStoragetotalΓ—WritePricebStorageCost = \sum_{b}^{blobbers} \frac{StakedStorage_b}{StakedStorage_{total}} \times WritePrice_b

Current ZCN Price

This is the current ZCN Price using the ZCN Pricing API, along with the trend percentage based on the price 24 hours before the current price.

Total Value Locked

This is the total amount of Locked ZCN Tokens, which mainly represent usage of the system features. Zus system users can lock tokens mainly for 2 purposes:

  1. Staking Providers and getting a share of their rewards.

  2. In Read and Write Token Pools to perform operations on their allocation data (upload / download / modify)

This value is the total of all locked tokens for both of the purposes for all the users of the Zus system.

ZCN Price Chart

This chart can be used to view the change of the ZCN Coin Price in USD. Check the Appendix for more info on how to interact with the Chart Component.

Blobbers Server Map

This map shows the location of the blobbers on the world map, based on the host url of the Blobber registered in the Chimney Deployment Process. The icon that represents the blobber on the map is also customized during the Chimney Deployment Process. You can access the Blobber Details Page of any blobber by clicking on its icon on the map.

Blobbers Table

This table shows the blobbers that are recognized by the network, ordered by the Unallocated Storage amount, which is the amount of storage available for allocation on the blobber. This table is a Paginated Table, and it's the same as the Blobbers table in the Service Providers page so is discussed in more details there.

On the top right corner just above the table, you can find to buttons: Storage Explainer button redirecting to the Storage Explainer page, which shows explanation of the storage concepts, and "See All Providers" button, redirecting to the Service Providers page.

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