Server Map Page

Page showing a list of blobbers, filtered by the regions of their hosting servers.

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This page shows a list of blobbers on the world map, as well as on a table. Here also you can filter the list of blobbers by the continent.

World Map

This section of the page shows the location of the servers hosting the blobbers plotted on a world map based on their latitude and longitude coordinations which we can find out knowing the Host URL of the blobber.

Moreover, at the top of the page, you'll see a list of the continents. Click on the continent you need to filter by, which will filter the list of blobbers shown in this page by it, or just leave it to "Global" so you see system-wide information for all the continents.

Blobber Stats Sections

This section shows 3 system-wide stats of the blobbers, each with an (i) icon to show more information about.

Stat NameDescription

Total Blobber Capacity

This is the total capacity available at all the servers hosting the blobbers.

Allocation Utilization

This is the percentage of the used storage from the allocated storage for all the allocations system-wide.

Network Quality Score

This is the percentage of the successful challenges from the total challenges system-wide.

If you find any of these terms confusing, you can always use the Key Definitions page of the Storage System Feature documentation, or the Storage Explainer page in Atlus to find out more about it.

Top Blobbers Table

This table is exactly the same as the Top Blobbers table in the Home page of Atlus, as well as the Blobbers table in the Service Providers page.

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