Understanding the staking and token exchange webapp, Bolt

App Overview

Bolt, the first app of its kind, offers a new way to generate income through the cloud economy and earn from real-world assets (RWAs), providing storage on Züs, a high-performance storage network.

Key Features

Passive Income

Users can stake in storage providers, earning income based on various factors such as capacity, usage, and performance.

Crypto Wallet

Bolt also serves as a secure wallet for cryptocurrencies, employing advanced security features.

Security: Split-Key 2FA Technology

Bolt enhances security with its split-key two-factor authentication (2FA) system. This innovative approach provides greater security than traditional hardware wallets. It is serverless and not susceptible to common server failures.

How it Works

  • Serverless System: Ensures robust protection against server-related vulnerabilities.

  • Dual-Device Operations: Transactions require a mobile device and a laptop, enhancing security and convenience.

  • Secure Asset Storage: The split-key system securely stores crypto assets, providing peace of mind for users.

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