The NFT App in Züs Ecosystem

Chalk is a revolutionary, no-code platform that simplifies NFT creation. It enables artists and creators to easily produce and enrich their NFTs without requiring programming skills. This platform allows you to incorporate various types of content into your NFTs, transforming digital assets into enriched narratives. Creators can include images showing the progression of their artwork, videos that capture the creative process, and explainers that delve into the art's deeper meaning. This approach makes the NFTs more valuable and brings artists and their audience closer by revealing the entire story of the artwork.

Key Features:

1. Launch NFTs on Polygon:

Chalk uses the Polygon Network, known for its low transaction fees, to make it easy and affordable for anyone to create and launch NFTs without coding.

2. Amplify Creations:

Enhance your NFTs by adding high-quality content such as creation videos, timelapses, sketches, and interviews. Captivate your audience with rich media, showcasing every aspect of your artistic process, all supported by the robust Züs Network.

3. Market Your NFTs:

Chalk offers tools to market your NFTs effectively. By adding diverse and high-quality content, artists can share their unique stories, making their NFTs more engaging, fun, and compelling.

4. Explore and Purchase NFTs:

Chalk allows collectors to find and explore all NFTs made on the platform. These NFTs are also available on OpenSea and Rarible for trading.

5. Manage Collections:

Chalk offers creators complete control over their NFT collections, allowing them to add, edit, and manage their NFTs easily. The platform's immutability feature ensures that once an artwork is finalized, its authenticity and originality are preserved, maintaining the integrity of each NFT.

6. Sales and Royalties

Chalk simplifies setting prices and managing royalties for your NFTs. Use our dashboard to keep track of sales and earnings. Royalties mean you earn a fee every time your NFT is resold, providing continuous income from your art.

7. Engage with the Community

Chalk invites you to join its active community on Discord, connecting artists, collectors, and NFT enthusiasts. Share your creations, participate in discussions, and create lasting connections in the digital art community.

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