NFT Details Page

View details of your NFTs.

This page is accessed by clicking on an NFT card from the Explore/Collection page.

NFT name

"SecondNFT" is the name of the NFT.

Note that the thumbnail image that you see is the latest uploaded image for this NFT.

Created By

You can see the NFT creator's name as well as the Zus wallet address. Upon clicking on the wallet address, you'll be taken to the Atlus app where you can see the wallet details.

View Ensemble

The "View Ensemble" button is used to see all uploaded content such as images, videos, PDFs, etc. related to the NFT. A carousel will open where you can see the uploaded content.

This will open a File Viewer Carousel that you can use to view and download your files.


The "Buy NFT" button is used to purchase/mint an NFT. It will take you to the Buy NFT page.

Contract Address

The "Contract Address" field is the Polygon contract address of the NFT. You can see it on Polygon Explorer after the NFT is minted.

Token ID

The "Token ID" field is the unique identifier of the NFT created inside a collection. It always starts from 1 for each collection.


When the NFT is minted/purchased, you'll see the Activity table where you can see the minting details of the NFT.

  • Event: The event field tells you about the NFT's latest transaction on the blockchain. It will always be "Minted" when the NFT is purchased/minted.

  • Address: The address field is the NFT contract address on the blockchain.

  • From: The from field is the initial address of the NFT owner.

  • To: The to field is the buyer's MetaMask wallet address.

  • Timestamp: The timestamp field is the date and time when the NFT was minted/purchased.

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