Understanding the storage hosting webapp, Chimney.

Start a Storage Business in Minutes

Introducing Chimney: a revolutionary app that empowers individuals to turn their storage server into revenue. Connect a server to the Chimney App and start earning immediately.

How It Works:

Connect Your Server: Connect your server to the Chimney App. Whether it is a dedicated or rented server, Chimney makes it easy to get started.

Start Earning: Once connected, your server becomes part of the Züsl storage network, allowing you to earn by providing storage to individuals and businesses.

Simple Management: Chimney offers a user-friendly interface for managing your server and tracking your earnings. No technical expertise is required to get started or to maintain your storage business.

Why Chimney?

Chimney is designed for anyone with server resources looking to enter the storage market. It is an ideal solution for:

Individuals and businesses with idle servers that want to monetize their resources.

Entrepreneurs seeking to start or expand a storage business with minimal upfront investment.

Tech enthusiasts looking for an easy way to contribute to and earn from the storage ecosystem.

Join the Sharing Economy

Chimney stands out by offering a direct path to earning through storage, making it an attractive option for anyone interested in leveraging their server capacity for income and joining the storage-sharing economy.


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