Overview of your chimney data

Upon accessing the Chimney dashboard's Home page, users are presented with a comprehensive overview of their blobber's performance and statistics.

Welcome Section

  • Server Capacity: Shows the total storage capacity of your server.

  • IP Address: Displays the public IP address of your server.

Earnings and Statistics

  • Block Rewards: The ZCN earned from block rewards is displayed here.

  • Storage Income: This shows the ZCN earned from users storing data on your blobber.

  • Validator Earnings: Reflects the ZCN earned from the validation of network transactions.

  • Available Storage for Allocation: Indicates how much storage is currently available for users to allocate.

Available Storage for Allocation is directly proportional to the percentage of your server that has been staked. If 100% of the server is staked, the full storage capacity of the server becomes available for allocation.

Performance Indicators

  • Rank: Depicts your blobber's ranking within the network based on various performance metrics.

  • Blobber Health: A status indicator that provides a health check of your blobber. It could show different statuses like "Low stake" if the blobber needs more stake or improve as the stake amount increases.

  • Validator Health: Shows the current health status of your validator node, which should ideally be "Good".

Blobber health is determined by the staked capacity of the server. The health status varies as follows based on staking capacity percentages:

  • <10%: Low stake

  • 10-25%: Fair stake

  • 25-50%: Good stake

  • 50-75%: Great stake

  • 75-100%: Optimal stake

This percentage indicates how much of your server's capacity is staked, which in turn affects the available storage for allocation. The validator health is similarly based on having sufficient funds for transactions and meeting the minimum stake requirement. These health indicators help maintain the server's operational status and its ability to conduct transactions within the network.

Earnings Graph

A graphical representation that visualizes your earnings over a specified time frame, detailing Block Rewards, Storage Income, and Validator Earnings.

This interactive graph is a visual representation of your blobber's earnings over time. It is segmented into different colors representing different income streams:

  • Blue represents Block Rewards.

  • Pink shows Storage Income.

  • Purple indicates Validator Earnings.

This graph updates in real-time, reflecting the earnings accrued in each category for the selected time frame.

Above the earnings graph, there is a date filter feature that allows users to refine the graph data for specific periods

These tools combined provide users with powerful insights into the performance of their blobber and enable them to make data-driven decisions based on their earnings history.

Storage Details

The "Storage Details" section provides users with a clear breakdown of their storage capacity and usage:

  • Total Available Storage: Displays the total data storage capacity of your server.

  • Unallocated Storage: Indicates the amount of storage currently not allocated to any user.

  • Allocated Storage: Shows the volume of storage that users have allocated for their data.

  • Used Storage: Represents the actual amount of data stored by users on the server.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please join our Discord for further assistance. Our team and the community members are available to help troubleshoot your concerns and provide guidance.

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