Manage Blobbers Page

Manage your deployments and add new ones

You can access this page by clicking "Manage Blobbers" from the left navigation menu. This pages shows some key information about your deployments and allows you to add new deployments.

Your deployments are managed in a table, which shows the following fields:



Select this deployment to manage on Chimney.


Whether your deployment is completely deployed or not.

IP or Domain

The IP of the machine where your deployment is running.

Blobber Name

The name you choose for your deployment when you created it.

Blobber ID

The hexadecimal identifier of the blobber.

Blobber URL

The URL of the blobber's homepage.

Last Update

Date and time when your deployment was last updated.


You can add stake to your blobber using this button, same as Staking page.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please join our Discord for further assistance. Our team and the community members are available to help troubleshoot your concerns and provide guidance.

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