Update Blobber Settings

Configure your blobber settings

You can access this page by clicking the "Update Blobber Settings" item in the left navigation menu of the settings page.

In the "Update Blobber Settings" section, you have the ability to fine-tune the operational parameters of your blobber. Adjusting these settings allows you to control how your blobber's resources are allocated and monetized.

Fields Description

When updating your blobber configurations, you will encounter the following fields:

  1. Write Price / GB / Month: Set the price you wish to charge for writing data to your blobber, per gigabyte per month. This is a crucial setting as it directly impacts your earnings from the storage services you provide. You can visualize your earnings through our Earn calculator.

Note: The Write Price is capped at a maximum of 0.025 ZCN per GB per month.

  1. Read Price / GB: Here, you can specify the cost for reading data from your blobber per gigabyte. Currently, all reads are free on Züs.

  1. Number of Delegates: Enter the number of delegates you wish to allow. Delegates are users who can stake tokens on your blobber, helping to secure the network and share in the revenue from your blobber's services.

Note : If you prefer not to share earnings, input 1. Otherwise, enter the number of individuals, up to 100, with whom you'd like to share rewards.

  1. Service Charge %: This is the percentage of earnings that will be taken as a service charge. It's important to balance competitiveness with profitability when determining this percentage.

Note : If you have no intention of staking, you can input a service charge, up to 50% to share earnings with your fellow delegates.

Finally, you can update these fields by clicking the "Update Blobber Details" button.

Confirmation and Implementation

Upon successfully updating your blobber settings, you will receive a toast notification confirming the changes.

These adjustments will take effect immediately, ensuring your blobber operates under the new parameters without delay.

If you require assistance or encounter any issues with updating your blobber settings, please join our Discord community for support. Our team and the community members are available to help troubleshoot your concerns and provide guidance.

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