Stats Page

View statistics about your blobber.

You can access this page by clicking "Stats" from the left navigation menu.

Using this page, you can view statistics and key information about your blobber. Those information include the following:



Allocated Size

Storage Size involved in users allocations.

Used Size

Storage Size occupied with data, including users' files as well as thumbnails, as tracked by the blobber's database.

Files Size

Size of the files uploaded by the users.

Thumbnail Size

Size of the thumbnails created to preview the users in the icons of the UI.

Disk Size Used

Storage Size used/occupied by the user files actually on the machine (including temporary files).

Num of Block Writes

Total number of file blocks written to the blobber.

Num of writes

Total number of files written/uploaded to the blobber.

Num of Reads

Total number of blocks downloaded from the blobber.

Num of allocations

Count of allocations hosted on the blobber.




Total amount of storage space offered by the blobber

Read Price

All Read Prices on Züs are 0!

Write Price

Price of uploading files to allocations hosted on this blobber, in ZCN/GB/Month




Markers submitted to the network and was accepted.


Markers committed to the network.


Markers submitted to the network but failed to be redeemed.

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