Adding a Blobber

Blobbers are storage providers within the platform. Users can choose from multiple brands, and rewards increase as more users opt for a specific branded blobber. Blobbers facilitate the secure storage and management of data on the platform. Here are the steps to add a blobber:

  1. Go to the blobber section in the Storage Details and click on Add Blobber.

  1. You can select a blobber branded by Züs or choose from any available brands.

  1. Optional: During the selection process, click on the 'restricted blobber' option if you wish to use a private blobber. More information on Restricted Blobbers here.

  1. After selecting the blobber, a summary of your choice will be displayed. Verify all details are correct. Click on the 'confirm' button to finalize the addition of your chosen blobber. You will have to pay ZCN tokens to confirm the action. After payment, the blobber will be integrated into your storage configuration on the platform.

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