Blobber API

HTTP API for blobbers

File Management Endpoints

This endpoint is responsible for returning the metadata of a file/directory, as well as the list of files inside a directory.

The download endpoint facilitates the downloading of a file (or its thumbnail) from a specified allocation and path, either as owner or as third party with an auth token. This feature is essential for retrieving stored data for either personal use or sharing purposes.

File Sharing Endpoints

share (POST /v1/marketplace/shareinfo/{allocation})

The share endpoint allows users to share a file or directory within a given allocation, either publicly or privately.

revokeshare (DELETE /v1/marketplace/shareinfo/{allocation})

The revokeshare endpoint enables users to revoke previously granted permissions for sharing a file or directory within a specific allocation (both publicly and privately). This ensures users can manage access to their shared data effectively, providing an extra layer of security and control over their content.

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