Private Sharing

Sharing Encrypted files is easy on Züs, our Proxy Re-encryption tech ensures sharing is safe and private.

How to Private Share

  1. First, make sure the file is uploaded into your Encrypted Folder on the Homepage.

  1. Choose a file, and select "Share" on its file operations. (the three dots).

  1. Input the profile name of the user you would like to share the file. Next, click "Add."

  1. Congrats! You have privately shared a file!

Our decentralized technology (Proxy Re-Encryption) ensures the file is shared securely with absolute privacy.

View shared files

  1. To view shared files, navigate to "Shared" on the main tab.

  1. Here you can see all files shared to you and by you.

Revoke Access

  1. Select a shared file, and click "Share".

2. Here you can track all users that have access to your file.

Click in the trash can to revoke access:

  1. You revoked file access!

With Vult, you have complete control over your files.

Renaming or deleting a shared file will cause it to be unshared. Users cannot access shared files after they are renamed or deleted.

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