Create New Allocation

Choose your preferred storage solution and tune it to fit your needs.

Using Blimp, you not only store your files, but also you choose how you'd like your data to be stored, and configure your allocation to what fits your data storage and access needs.

We provide 3 storage options for your allocations:

Multi-cloud Storage

Store your data on the Storage Servers (called Blobbers) hosted on the multi-cloud and managed by the Züs System, for a secure and resilient decentralized storage experience. Configure your storage allocation to increase replication factor and make sure your data is highly available and stormproof.

S3 Server

If you're familiar with the AWS S3 API, you don't need to readapt with a new API. With the S3 allocation mode, you can still enjoy the perks of the Züs System (Decentralization - Three-layer Security - Free egress) while accessing your data the same way you used to.

Cloud Migration

Migrate your data from AWS to Züs for higher security, better performance and free egress, and enhance the usage of your data on all the use cases.

When you first login to Blimp, you'll be shown this page, in which you can select the option you like for your first allocation.

Let's take a look on how you can create an allocation of each type.

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