Smart Contracts

Listing all the functions provided by Züs Network smart contracts.

In these pages we'll be listing all the functions that are provided by our smart contracts, which you can use to manage your resources (like allocations and deployed providers). To communicate with the smart contracts, you need to do the following (as mentioned in the Smart Contracts architecture page):

  • Construct a correct and complete HTTP request with you request to the Put Transaction endpoint in Miner API.

  • Sign the transaction request with your private key and provide your signature with the request.

  • After submitting the transactions, you need to poll the transaction confirmation endpoint of the Sharder API to make sure your transaction is confirmed i.e. processed and to check its status and output.

Although you can use the smart contracts directly, as mentioned above, we encourage you to either use the SDK or the CLIs, which should simplify your usage experience and guarantee request correctness and completeness.

In the next pages, we'll be listing all the functions offered by the smart contracts and their required inputs.

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