Manage Subscriptions Page

Manage your Stripe Subscriptions to Züs allocations.

You'll see all the credit card-based subscriptions here. You can create a subscription when you upgrade the storage for your allocation using Stripe, refer to this page for more about this flow. Once you've subscribed to a subscription, your allocation expiry is auto-renewed by Zus and you don't have to do it manually. You can find more details and the process of upgrading the storage here.



Represents the status of the subscriptions based on creation time. Upgraded means that the subscription is active. Cancelled means that the subscription is canceled.

Subscription ID

This is the Stripe-based subscription ID of the subscription.

Allocation ID

Represents the allocation ID for the subscription.

Allocation Size

Represents the upgraded size of the allocation.

Allocation Expiry

Represents the expiry of the allocation. It gets auto-renewed by Zus if the subscription is active.


The "Cancel" button is used to cancel a subscription. Once you cancel a subscription, you'll need to manually renew your allocation before the expiry date. You'll see a confirmation popup when you click on the cancel button.

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