Crypto Payment (DEX) Flow

Bridge ZCN (ERC-20) to Züs, and ZCN (Native) to and Ethereum.

Deposit ZCN


  • Browser: Use Google Chrome for compatibility.

  • Extension: Install the Mematask extension.

  • ETH Availability: Ensure you have sufficient ETH for gas fees.

  • ZCN Preparation: If bridging ZCN (ERC-20), have some available.

Deposit ZCN Steps:

  1. Access 'Deposit ZCN': Navigate to this option in Bolt.

  2. Specify Amount: Enter the amount of ZCN you wish to acquire.

  3. Transactions via Metamask: Approve the next two transactions on your Metamask. Wait for the first transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain (time varies based on network congestion) before proceeding.

  4. Finalize the Process: After confirming the second transaction, your ZCN should be minted and ready to use.

Mint Failure

Your Mint might fail after the Burn step. Rest assured, you can continue the Buy operation and mint your ZCN. Steps: Connect to Metamask: Make sure to reconnect to the same Metamask wallet address used for "Deposit ZCN." Retry Minting: Attempt to continue the pending mint process and accept the transaction in Metamask. You will need ZCN to perform mint. New users are airdropped 0.1 ZCN when creating a Bolt account. Otherwise, send some ZCN to perform the mint operation successfully.

Withdraw ZCN Tokens

Important Considerations

  • ETH for Gas Fees: Ensure you have enough ETH to cover the Ethereum network's gas fees. Cost varies but can range from 5 USD up to 30 USD or more.

  • Transaction Monitoring: Track the progress on Etherscan.

  • Once your ZCN is burned, you must continue with the metamask transaction to recover your tokens. So, make sure you are ready before confirming the withdraw. Steps:

  1. Initiate 'Withdraw ZCN'.

  2. Input the amount. Proceed only if you're ready to complete the Withdraw.

  3. Transaction Completion: After burning your ZCN on Züs, accept the Metamask transactions. Once done, the withdrawn tokens should appear in your Ethereum wallet. Deposit ZCN

  4. Click 'Deposit ZCN': Navigate to this option in Bolt.

  1. Connect to Metamask: Ensure you are logged into the correct wallet on Metamask.

  1. Input Amount: Enter the amount of ZCN you wish to acquire.

  1. Verify details, and press "Next."

  1. Note: you must approve the following two transactions on your Metamask to finalize the Deposit. Press "Confirm" on your Metamask for the first transaction (Increase Approval), and wait until the transaction is confirmed on the Ethereum network.

  1. Once confirmed, make sure to confirm the second Metamask transaction. (Burn).

Tip: If you cannot find the second transaction, click "Unnaproved" on your Metamask.

  1. All done! Your ZCN will be minted and ready to use. After confirming the second transaction, your ZCN will be minted on Züs and appear on your “Available Balance.”

  2. Track your transaction on the “Activity Page” or Atlus for more details.

Simply click “View Details” on the transaction or “View on Atlus” for a complete overview of your wallet transactions.

ZCN Mint Failures

Your ZCN Mint transaction may fail, But there is no need to worry! You only have to click. You can always mint pending deposits on "Deposit ZCN." Your pending transaction will appear there; you must only click on mint again.

Withdraw ZCN

Withdraw your Mainnet ZCN tokens to ZCN (ERC-20). This bridges your ZCN out of Züs to Ethereum.

Important Considerations:

1. Ensure you have enough ETH for gas fees. The total ETH gas fee can range from $5 to 25$ USD or more, so make sure you have enough ETH on your Metamask. 2. Burn cannot be reversed. Ensure the Swap details are correct, and consider the gas price before proceeding. 3. Pending Withdraws must be completed before initiating a new Withdraw.


  1. Click 'Withdraw ZCN'.

  1. Connect to your Metamask Wallet:

  1. Input the Withdraw Amount.

  1. Verify Withdraw details, and click "Burn ZCN". Important Note: You must complete the ETH transaction before initiating a new Withdraw.

  1. Press "Next" if the details are correct. Evaluate the ETH gas price before proceeding.

  1. Your ZCN is now burned on Mainnet. Accept the following Metamask transaction to mint on the Ethereum network.

  2. Withdraw Completed! Check your transaction details on Etherscan.

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