Monitor Page

Monitor your Chimney Deployment.

You can access this page by clicking "Monitor" from the left navigation menu. Using this page, you can check diagnostics and metrics of your chimney deployment and the machine running it.

As described in the Chimney Deployment Flow page, we use prometheus and Grafana to extract metrics and logs for monitoring, you can visit the Grafana Dashboard of your deployment from the button on the top left part of this page, shown in the image above.

Storage Statistics Section

This section shows the statistics related to storage space of your blobber, this includes:

  • Unallocated Storage: This is the amount and percentage of staked storage offered by your blobber but still not involved in an allocation.

  • Allocated: This is the amount and percentage of staked storage offered by your blobber and involved in user allocations.

  • Used: This is the amount and percentage of allocated storage that actually carries users' data.

Machine Metrics Section

This sections shows some of the key metrics of the machine runnig your deployment, those metrics are:


CPU Usage

Current utilization of the machine's CPU.

Memory Usage

Current occupied memory size of the machine.

Disk Usage

Current usage of the machine's storage.

Average CPU Load

Current Linux Average Load. This metric is a time-dependent average of the number of process running and waiting on the CPU. Its actual calculations involve some deep mathematical knowledge, but it needs to always be less than the number of your CPU cores.

Incoming Network Traffic

Ingress data flow rate of your machine.

Outgoing Network Traffic

Egress data flow rate of your machine.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please join our Discord for further assistance. Our team and the community members are available to help troubleshoot your concerns and provide guidance.

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