Send/Receive ZCN

Send and Receive ZCN

Send and receive ZCN in an instant.


  1. Navigate to “Send”

  2. Paste the address of the wallet you would like to send ZCN

  3. Input the amount

  4. Write an optional note for the receiver.

  5. Press Confirm

Note: you can check details on your recent transactions on “Home” or search for addresses on Atlus. Receive:

  1. Navigate to “Receive” to Copy your wallet address. Alternatively, scan your QR code.

  2. Give the address to the sender. You will get a notification on the “Activity” page when receiving tokens. Alternatively, refresh your browser to view your new balance or go to “received transactions” on Atlus.

Tip: you can always view your wallet transactions on Atlus; click "View on Atlus."

This flow enables you to send/receive tokens from the other users of the Züs System. You can access this flow by clicking "Send" or "Receive" buttons from the navigation menu to the left.

This flow is shared among multiple apps, and is explained in deeper details here under the Shared Flows documentation.

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