Send/Receive ZCN

Exchange ZCN with other Züs System users.

Send and Receive ZCN

Send and receive ZCN in an instant.


  1. Navigate to “Send”

  2. Paste the address of the wallet you would like to send ZCN

  3. Input the amount

  4. Write an optional note for the receiver.

  5. Press Confirm

Note: you can check details on your recent transactions on “Home” or search for addresses on Atlus. Receive:

  1. Navigate to “Receive” to Copy your wallet address. Alternatively, scan your QR code.

  2. Give the address to the sender. You will get a notification on the “Activity” page when receiving tokens. Alternatively, refresh your browser to view your new balance or go to “received transactions” on Atlus.

Tip: you can always view your wallet transactions on Atlus; click "View on Atlus."

You can use the apps to send/receive ZCN with the other users of the Züs System, at a very low price compared to exchanging tokens outside the Züs Network using DEX, for example.

Sending and receiving ZCN is available in the apps where you can find "Send" and "Receive" buttons in the Navigation menu to the left, like Bolt.

Send ZCN

You can send ZCN token as follows:

  1. Specify the address you want to send to. Place the address in the "To" field and click "Next"

  1. Next, you need to specify the amount you need to send. Click "Max" if you want to send all the ZCN in your account to the recipient.

  1. Finally, adjust transactions fees if you want. You can also add a note to the transaction, which will appear to the recipient.

Click the pen icon next to the fees amount to change it.

Although you can go with the auto-calculated fees, you can also increase the fees so that your transactions gets higher priority and is executed faster. You can also specify a manual fees amount if you want.

Once you're happy with the fees and the note, click "Confirm" to submit the transaction to the network.

  1. After the transaction is executed successfully, you'll see this notification in the bottom right part of the screen

Click on "Details" to view the details of the transaction.

You can view the Transaction Details Page of this transaction on Atlus by clicking "View on Explorer".

Receive ZCN

Clicking "Receive" will show you the address of your wallet, as well as a QR to easilly pass it to the sender so they can send ZCN to you.

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